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Solar Sunflower Garden Lights
Solar Sunflower Garden Lights
Solar Sunflower Garden Lights
Solar Sunflower Garden Lights
Solar Sunflower Garden Lights

Solar Sunflower Garden Lights

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Enjoy The Magic of Sunflowers in your Garden!

These sunflower garden lights are solar-powered. Each solar sunflower light is 26 inches tall and will shine when the sun goes down for 8-14 hours after charging in full sun for 8 hours.

Named for the sun, these flowers bring a joyful quality to the spaces they inhabit and are thought to follow the sun. The perfect metaphor for looking on the sunny side when things seem their darkest, these solar yard lights add a happy touch to every outdoor space they grace whether day or night.

Showcase these beautiful garden lights among your flowers and watch your guests’ enchantment as the sunsets and these sunflowers begin to cast their glow. Create your very own moon garden with the addition of multiple solar flower lights. 


  • These enchanting solar yard lights are equally as beautiful when placed beneath trees, among bushes, or utilized in unexpected ways like to line your driveway or sidewalks at night and light the way for your houseguests.

  • Place these sunflower lights in a vessel that allows the solar panel to still receive light and enjoy their glow as accents or centerpieces.

  • You could even bring them inside after a day of sun to enjoy these outdoor lights as party décor.

  • Whether used indoors or outdoors, no matter how you choose to display your Illuminating Solar Sunflowers, these flower lights will be a beautiful addition to any space you choose.

  •  Gift these outdoor lights and let the recipient know the special meaning behind these blooming garden lights. 


  • Height: 26 inches tall
  • Charge Type: Solar Powered
  • Charge Hold Time:  8~14 hours
  • Recharge Time: 8 hours~

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Illuminating Solar Sunflower (We recommend you buy 4+!). Shipping is flat-rate regardless of how many you buy and if you buy more you save more!

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