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The best sweeper a clean home needs

  • Keeping the floors clean with the old sweepers is not an easy job. BroomMop is here to take off the hardship of the housework and make every surface spotless with a single sweep!

  • BroomMop decommissions every floor cleaner you have because it scrapes and sweeps without missing anything in its path, it can even go vertically to take care of the windows. Its light weight and comfortable handle make cleaning top shelves and hidden corners simple and quick. When you are done just clean it under the sink and put it away for next time!

Easy to use


  • Multifunctional Sweeper  It does not only sweeps but also scrapes! Effectively dry the floor surface and easily remove dirt, liquid, fur and hair. 
  • Spotless Scraping  Need to wipe off the stains off the windows and floors, just scrape it off with BroomMop to leave the smooth surfaces spotless
  • Clean in a Sweep  Tired of dusting without making a dent, swipe away all the dirt, mire and dust from your floor with one single stroke
  • Extendable Reach  The extra-long and comfortable handle also allows you to safely reach high windows without the need for stools or step ladders and other hard-to-reach areas. It can be adjusted from 67cm up to 100cm (27in up to 40in).
  • Don’t Miss a Spot  Don’t let the hidden places pile up with filth, easily reach the high shelves or tight corners to leave no space unclean
  • All Purpose Broom – You don’t need a full closet of sweepers just to keep your floors clean when BroomMop can do it all by itself


  • Plastic + Stainless steel
  • Gray
Product Weight
  • 200G
Package Contents
  • Multifunction Magic Broom × 1

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Multifunction Magic Broom

Availability: 9986 in stock