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Eye Fat Granule Removal Cream
Eye Fat Granule Removal Cream
Eye Fat Granule Removal Cream
Eye Fat Granule Removal Cream
Eye Fat Granule Removal Cream
Eye Fat Granule Removal Cream
Eye Fat Granule Removal Cream
Eye Fat Granule Removal Cream

Eye Fat Granule Removal Cream

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Check Out Our Satisfied Customers’ Comments On How Eye Fat Granule Removal Cream Solves Their Problems!

“I’ve had little bumps and mild swellings that have grown under my eyes. At first I just ignored it until it formed more and more and felt so old and uncomfortable, especially when I touched it. It’s just so rough under my fingertips and disgusting to look at. I’ve tried various products to remove it and this eye cream is the only one that works as claimed! In just a few days the bumps and the puffiness are already diminishing and I’ve also noticed that it even lessens my wrinkles and dark spots under my eyes. A couple of weeks in using it and my skin is now smooth to touch and much visibly brighter than ever. I don’t want to brag, but I look so younger than my age now and I can also put on my makeup without a fuss anymore. My mom even told me to also buy it for her as its effects are really exceptional and fast.”

Sofia Baldwin, 37, San Francisco, California

“I honestly don’t believe in eye creams, face creams, anti-aging serums and other products as such, but this product changes my mind! It was recommended to me by my friend and I was hesitant at first since like what I’ve said I’m not a fan. After a week of use, this product already proves me wrong. It blows my mind how the dark spots around my eyes get lighter and the wrinkles under my eye reduces. I even tried to use it on my whole face and was so surprised that it also magically works to eliminate my blemishes and stops them from coming back. I’m on my 4th week now and no more eye bags, creases and marks could be seen and my skin feels more hydrated. So far I haven’t experienced any single discomfort and irritations while using this product. I truly recommend it!”  

Zoe Miller, 33, Denver, Colorado

The Ultimate All-round Eye Revival Cream!

Our eye repair cream tackles 3 key skin blemishes: Wrinkles + Fat granules + Saggy eye bags. 

💡💡How Do Fat Granules Form?💡💡

Fat granules are small bumps with a dome-shaped and whitish appearance that tend to appear around, or under the eyes and are often mistaken for acne blemishes or pimples. These bumps are a collection of tiny keratin filled cyst and are also known as milia. Keratins help form the tissues and provide strength to the skin cells, nails, and hair. As these skin cells die off and shed within pores, the keratin causes accumulation. It shapes when the dead skin cells don’t slough away and get trapped under the skin. It will then harden and turn into a milium if there is only one lesion and milia if more. 

Our cream is a non-irritating product that effectively prevents and dismisses lesions and the pesky miniscule bumps around the eye. It penetrates deeply through the skin to solubilize the buildup keratins that fail to free which causes the mini bumps that form through the skin. It also removes all excess fat particles or cellulitis and decreases any sources of skin irritation which might cause lesions.   

💡💡How It Tackles Fat Granules & Eye Bags💡💡

This eye revival cream contains a tetrapeptide, a clinically-proven ingredient that reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.

It significantly reduces the vascular permeability, which in turn decreases the water accumulation in the eyelid tissue. Reliving the vascular pressure and improving the appearance of the dark spots and eye bags. It also decomposes and eliminates melanin to brighten >80% appearance of dark circles under the eyes within 28 days.

💡💡We Also Call It Salon-grade Wrinkle Remover💡💡

This cream also performs a serious skin-tightening to flawlessly lift up all loose and sagging problems. It stimulates collagen and elastin production as well and gradually improves the skin texture by flattening out eye creases and wrinkles.

Eye Fat Granule Removal Cream offers a good moisturization that enhances the dryness around the eyes. Providing you rejuvenated, smoother skin for a more brighter and healthier youthful appearance. 

This ultimate cream is gentle on all skin-types and it does not cause any burning, bruising or infections. Apply it evenly for at least 1-2 times on to the affected area and you’ll already visibly see depletion in just a couple of days. 

💡💡Highlighting Features💡💡

  • Anti-aging
  • Remove and smooth out wrinkles
  • Remove fat granules
  • Hydrate and nourish eye area
  • Solve sagging eye bags
  • Restore skin firmness and youthful glow of skin

💡💡Key Ingredients💡💡

  • Portulaca Oleracea - also called as purslane, consists of a high amount of vitamin A, C and antioxidant compounds such as glutathione. It has skin-soothing properties and helps rejuvenate skin that has become lax. In addition, it can address numerous skin concerns, including wrinkles and other signs of aging.
  • Sorbitan Olivate - a surfactant based on olive oil and sorbitol that reduces the loss of hydration. Keeping the skin soft and supple.  
  • Propylene Glycol -  is often used in moisturizing formulation as it helps lengthen the shelf life of skin care products and increases moisture retention. It pulls water into the skin and helps keep it there for more supple, hydrated skin.  
  • Acteyl Tetrapeptide -  boost the production of collagen in the skin cells. It produces a full-on firming to the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine-lines. It also makes your skin look healthier and fresh by lessening the dark circles and swelling under the eyes.

💡💡Let’s See Olivia’s Magical Eye Repair Journey💡💡

Olivia is critical with her skin-care routine, but due to constant fatigue and lack of sleep, dark bags, wrinkles and puffiness suddenly form under her eyes. After using a lot of products, she testified that Eye Fat Granule Removal Cream is the only product that works and helps to diminish her under eye problems and in just a few weeks! 

Week 1

"Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with skin-care products. The swellness, creases and dark bags under my eyes are the only problems that I can’t seem to get rid off, until I found this cream. Instantly feel hydrated and plumped a bit! Still can see my wrinkles and dark bags but it already got faded a lot than before."

Week 2

"In just 14 days the puffiness and deep lines are already shrinking and I can also see some minor increase to the vibrancy of my skin. Will continue to use it and see for more improvements."

Week 4

"In a couple of weeks, the first thing that I’ve noticed is that the swellness under my eyes is already partially flattened with no loose skin left. There are still some wrinkles, but it's not as visible as before. My bags are also toning up at a rapid speed that I don’t even look so dull and tired anymore. Up until now, I still haven't experienced any types of skin irritations or allergic reactions and hope not to see more in the future as well."

Week 8

"This product is so brilliant! The dark circles under my eyes are completely gone and are now much fairer and back to my natural skin tone. No more puffiness also, it smoothes out well like it hasn't even formed before. What I love more is even the wrinkles lifted so good that my eyes are firmer and defined now, making me more youthful. A great non-invasive product that combats all signs of aging that everyone should try out!"

Olivia Jones, 37, Manhattan, New York


  • Apply it evenly twice per day
  • Usage reference: 1 piece for 2 weeks
  • Best result: 4 pieces for a COMPLETE TREATMENT (8 weeks)


  • Ingredients: Propylene glycol, Portulaca oleracea, Sorbitan olivate, Tetrapeptide
  • Net Content: 20g


  • 1PC / 2PCS / 4PCS  x Eye Fat Granule Removal Cream

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