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Color Changing Hair Dye
Color Changing Hair Dye
Color Changing Hair Dye
Color Changing Hair Dye
Color Changing Hair Dye

Color Changing Hair Dye

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Achieve a quick-changing hair color with these heat-activated hair dyes!

The first ever colour shifting dyes that can instantly change its color depending on your surroundings. It shifts when walking out into the sun, pressing hair on a curling iron, or even running your fingers through your hair!
Adopts a non-allergenic and non-toxic solution that does not damage your strands and burn your scalp. Apply easily without committing to bleaching!

How to Apply:
1. Wash and apply to clean and dry hair to avoid any buildup acting as a barrier to your strands.
2. Evenly distribute the product with a fine-tooth comb (for thorough application)
3. Use your blowdryer to dry the product in and watch the color set in and shift.

 • Temperature-Based Colorful DyeA perfect dye for anyone that wants to experiment with hair color with its temperature-based feature. Will instantly change the dyes gradient based on the environment! • 
Long Lasting Hair Dye
Promotes a long lasting dyeing that lets you wash your hair multiple times without fading. No harsh or harmful chemicals in our formula.
• Funky & Cool Hair Style
Achieve the head turning looks with these bright colorful dyes, easy to apply and hydrating for the hair.
• Scalp Nourishing Hair Dye
Gentle and no mixing, no ammonia, no peroxide, makes a semi-permanent hair color with pure dyes in a conditioning hair mask for a thicker and shinier hair.
• Mixable Colorful Tone Dye
Mess-free and very easily apply, dress-up or be in wide loveable mood in different themes just perfect and themeing with your hair colors!
 • Content: 50 ml
 • Shades Variety: Purple to Magenta, Blue to Pink, Green to Yellow, Black to Silver


 • 1 PC/ 2 PCS/ 3 PCS x Color Changing Hair Dye

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